Military PCS Moves: when only GIFs can capture the mood...

Military PCS Moves: when only GIFs can capture the mood...

Every couple of years….you just have this feeling like you’ve been in your house for too long 

Like you know it’s time to go, but you have no idea where you’re headed...

You ask all the questions

And sometimes you get an answer right away!

But for some of us, it’s a lot of “Hurry up and Wait”

No matter how smooth or rocky a PCS move may be, it’s always around that time that you realize

You’re going to miss all the things that made your house a home where you are

The people, the experiences, the smells. Oh, especially the didn’t even know you associated a certain smell to all the memories you made

And then when you’re all settled in your new home someone sends you a Fair Winds Candle…

And happy just doesn’t begin to describe what you feel


It’s time to take a deep breath. Put on your determined face

Light your candle and begin to make your new house a home because YOU ARE KILLING IT!

 Yes YOU! Take that PCS!!!

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