About Us

Our Vision: To bring Navy Pride into your Everyday Life

Military life is special, but when it comes to a product that reflects genuine admiration and support, we are often met with crude jokes, offensive remarks, or out-of-touch products that don’t truly capture the values or pride that we feel—until now. Fair Winds Candle Company is a home fragrance brand that specializes in scents inspired by memories and adventures of a former sailor in the U.S. Navy. Our candles are for veterans, service members, their families or military supporters looking for more patronage out of their products. With clean, handmade luxury candles, we’re creating gifts with scents that reflect the uniqueness of the military experience. Show your support and embody your pride with Fair Winds.

Making Scents of Navy Life since 2020

Tenisha Dotstry, owner of Fair Winds Candle Company, giving first salute to her husband, newly commissioned Naval Officer Thomas Dotstry in 2006.

Our Story

Our Navy experience began in 2001, but our brand story starts in 2020 after Fair Winds was founded by Navy veteran and military spouse Tenisha Dotstry. After experiencing military life from both sides of the coin, Tenisha wanted to be able to show her support while positively reminiscing on the time that she had, only to find that existing mementos missed the mark. She then set out to create a product experience unlike any other for people to show their pride and patronage and thus, Fair Winds Candle Company was born.

Our Candles

Our candles are a culmination of the time and experience Tenisha has spent in and out of the military, with each scent being created with care. Tenisha is passionate about showing her Navy pride through her craft. Each candle is handcrafted using luxury coconut wax, exclusive custom fragrance oils, and clean ingredients free of phthalates and parabens. The top, middle, and base notes of each candle tell a story of a place Tenisha was stationed, or a memory related to her service, infusing passion, pride, and sophistication into every scent.

Our Mission

Our mission is to craft candles that evoke joy, nostalgia, and connection. We are committed to creating unique, high-quality products inspired by Navy life and beyond, fostering a sense of belonging and shared experiences among our customers whether they served in the military or not. We aim to spread warmth, comfort, light, and positivity one candle at a time.