Make the most of your Fair Winds Candle from Start to Finish

Make the most of your Fair Winds Candle from Start to Finish

You’ve just got your new candle, opened the lid of the jar, and have immediately fallen in love with the scent (it may not have gone exactly that way, but hey I'm close right?!). Now it’s time to burn it!

Here’s how you do it to get the best scent throw you can:

  1. On the first burn, make sure to let the wax melt all the way to the edge of the glass. This prevents your candle from tunneling i.e. burning a hole down to the bottom and leaving wax on the sides. This may take up to 1 hour for the mini size, and 3-4 hours for our standard size. Be Patient! It’ll be worth it.
  2. Before burning the candle anytime in the future, trim the wick 1/4”. You can do this with scissors, nail clippers, or with one of our Wick Trimmers. This ensures that you have a clean, beautiful, and even melt pool every time. Your candle’s wicks are pre-trimmed before being shipped at the perfect length, so it’s ready to burn as soon as you get it.
  3. Always have the candle in sight when it is burning, and only burn on a level fire resistant surface.

What to Avoid
  1. Keep the candle away from small children and pets.
  2. Don’t pick up the candle while it is burning or immediately after it has been blown out. It'll be HOT!
  3. Don’t burn your candle for 3 - 4 hours at a time. That’s all you’ll need, our candles are strong!

 Once there is 1/4” - 1/2” of wax left in the jar, it is done! Since the wax we use is coconut wax, you can wait for the wax to cool and wipe out the wax with a paper towel and dispose of it in the trash. Don’t put the wax down your drain, it will ruin your plumbing! Once it’s clean, you can wash it out the jar with hot soap and water and reuse the jar!  The mini jar is perfect for holding small amounts of lotion or balm, and our standard jar is ready to be a decor piece, planter, holder of loose teas, etc! The sky’s the limit!

Let us know how you reuse your jars by posting on social @fairwindscandle and use #fairwindsupcycled.

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