The Pacific Northwest fragrance collection is an ode to the awe-inspiring natural beauty that surrounded us during our time in Bremerton, Washington. This collection is a true representation of the sights and smells that we encountered on a daily basis, from the refreshing smell of rain to the invigorating scent of Douglas Fir.

    The fragrance opens with a refreshing scent of rain, capturing the essence of the region's misty and overcast days. It then transitions to the woody and earthy aroma of Douglas Fir, which is one of the most iconic trees of the Pacific Northwest. The Douglas Fir notes evoke memories of hiking through lush forests, surrounded by towering trees that provided shade and shelter.

    To round out the fragrance, we have added the exotic scent of Nag Champa, a fragrance that has its roots in India but has become popular all around the world. The addition of this scent brings a sense of adventure and wanderlust, reflecting our own sense of exploration and discovery during our time in the Pacific Northwest.

    Overall, the Pacific Northwest fragrance collection is a beautiful representation of the region's diverse and stunning landscapes. From the refreshing scent of rain to the woody and earthy notes of Douglas Fir, this collection will transport you to the most naturally beautiful place we ever lived.