Courage is a scent that embodies the fearless spirit and unwavering determination of service members and their families. Inspired by the rugged beauty of the ocean, the fragrance blends the robust notes of leather and steel with the fresh, bracing scents of kelp, driftwood, and sea air.

    The scent opens with the unyielding aroma of leather, evoking the strength and resilience of those who serve. The metallic notes of steel follow, lending a touch of sophistication and refinement to the fragrance.

    As the scent unfolds, the invigorating scents of kelp and sea air emerge, providing a sense of revitalization and renewal. The fragrance is deepened by the earthy aroma of driftwood, symbolizing the grounding support that enables courage to flourish.

    The result is a rugged and empowering scent that perfectly captures the essence of bravery and resilience. Courage is a tribute to the unwavering spirit and sacrifice of service members and their families, reminding us of the power of courage in the face of adversity.