Single Coasters Harbor scented candle on a white background. This military inspired coconut wax candle is 8 ounces. The color of the candle label is Navy blue with a light mint green wave shaped header and a white flag featuring the Fair Winds Candle logo on the top center. The lid of the candle has the scent name on it.

COASTERS HARBOR standard candle

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Smells Like: Hide Tide, Champagne & Teak
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8 oz Standard Candles burn for 45 – 50 hours. Candle jar is 3.4”
in diameter and 3.2” in height.

2 oz Mini Candles burn for 10 – 15 hours. Candle jar is 2.1”
diameter and 2” in height.

2.5 oz Wax Melts provide 6 - 8 hours of fragrance per cube. Clamshell is 4.4” in height, 3” wide, and 1” deep.

4 oz Room Spray is 2” in diameter and 6” in height.


Coconut Wax Blend + Cotton and Paper Wick + Fragrance Oil

Wax Melts

Coconut Wax Blend + Fragrance Oil

Room Spray

Perfumers Alcohol + Distilled Water + Polysorbate 80 +
Fragrance Oil + Preservative

Get swept away by the salty ocean breeze with Coasters Harbor Candle. This candle is inspired by Newport, Rhode Island – a charming seaside town where boats line the harbor and the smell of salty air fills the air, while Naval Officers train at the War College. With top notes of champagne and sea breezes, this candle has a refreshingly light scent that will transport you to breezy coastal getaways every time you light it. underneath it all is a warm base of teak wood that gives it a subtly masculine edge. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the coastal charm of a Coasters Harbor Candle.

what inspired


Looking for a candle that transports you right to the New England coast? Look no further than Coasters Harbor. This scent is inspired OUR time spent in Newport, Rhode Island and brings all the smells of the high seas to your home. This scent will have you feeling like you're soaking up the sun on the bow of a sailboat with a glass of bubbly.