Duty Stations

    Introducing the Duty Station Fragrance Collection, a unique and diverse set of scents inspired by the various locations that Navy sailors call home during their service.

    Each fragrance in this collection captures the essence of a different duty station, taking you on a sensory journey around the world. From the refreshing scent of Pacific Northwest rain to the warm sea air of Rota, Spain, each fragrance is an olfactory snapshot of a different place and time.

    Whether you long for the ocean mist of Tidewater, the sweet aroma of Windward, or the cozy comfort of New London, this collection has something for everyone. And with fragrances like Coasters Harbor, Kings Bay, and South Coast, you can take a piece of your Navy experience with you wherever you go.

    Experience the unforgettable scents of the Duty Station Fragrance Collection and let them transport you back to the places you've been, the people you've met, and the memories you've made.