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Coasters Harbor Island is the home of the Naval War College at Naval Station Newport, a place that my husband has been stationed many times through his naval career.  When I was still in the Navy, I would go up to visit him and for some reason the weather was always bad!  The waters were always choppy and it was very cold.

Nevertheless, we'd go out and explore the area and let the beauty of the old mansions sweep us away to another time, and enjoy some delicious food at a local restaurant.  It grew on me, so I was excited when we came back to the area to live for a bit so that I could really explore all the area had to offer.  It's one of my favorite places in the US.

The aroma of high tides reminds me of all the weather I experienced during my travels there, and finished off with the scents of fun times in restaurants and sightseeing in Newport.

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