OASIS mini candle

OASIS mini candle

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Smells Like: Sand Storms, Bonfire Smoke & Incense
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8 oz Standard Candles burn for 45 – 50 hours. Candle jar is 3.4”
in diameter and 3.2” in height.

2 oz Mini Candles burn for 10 – 15 hours. Candle jar is 2.1”
diameter and 2” in height.

2.5 oz Wax Melts provide 6 - 8 hours of fragrance per cube. Clamshell is 4.4” in height, 3” wide, and 1” deep.

4 oz Room Spray is 2” in diameter and 6” in height.


Coconut Wax Blend + Cotton and Paper Wick + Fragrance Oil

Wax Melts

Coconut Wax Blend + Fragrance Oil

Room Spray

Perfumers Alcohol + Distilled Water + Polysorbate 80 +
Fragrance Oil + Preservative

Are you looking for a fragrance that transports you to far-off lands, complete with scorching deserts and rolling sand dunes? Oasis is the perfect scent for you! It'll make you feel like you're spending time in Dubai, or perhaps enjoying a bonfire under the stars. With its spicy, smoky notes, this Oasis mini candle is the perfect way to bring a touch of the exotic into your everyday life.

what inspired


Somehow being in a sandy desert port-of-call seems more soothing than being on the ocean right now. At least while you’re here you can breathe in the earthy tones of swirling sands and bonfire smoke and forget about the berthing with its lackluster air conditioning. From somewhere unseen, the lingering tendrils of incense tickle your nose as your friends invite you over to enjoy a drink or two in this.

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