Fair Winds Olfactory Tech Manual

What goes into a fragrance? In the fragrances we have here at Fair Winds....more thank you think! Let's take a closer look at fragrances and how you experience all the aspects of them.

All fragrances are broken down into three parts called notes.  They are the top/head note, middle/heart note, and the base note.

When you first open the lid of your candle you immediately smell the top notes of the scent.  Think of the top note as the first impression of the fragrance. You will be able to tell if you like it all at once, but it doesn't last forever. Once you light your candle those top notes will fade away as the fragrance starts to deepen.  After an hour or two you are smelling the true fragrance of your candle, that is the middle and base notes mixed together.

A scent that's well balanced will have top, middle, and base notes that blend well together and provide a wonderful aroma throughout your home.  We strive to provide that will all the custom Fair Winds Candle Company Scents.  The chart below is a list of fragrance blends we have in house and the associated notes.  Check it out to find out what your favorite candle scent has in it, or to discover a new scent you haven't tried before!


 Coasters Harbor Top: ozone, citrus, warm spices, white wine
Middle: sea salt, jasmine, tobacco leaf, teakwood, fruit
Base: sweet floral, wood, powder, musk, amber
Commitment Top: citrus, ozone, gardenia, tomato leaf
Middle: ginger, florals, savory spice
Base: warm spice, powder, honey, greenery
Courage Top: fruit, sea salt, eucalyptus, powder, saffron
Middle: sea greens, musk, florals, tonka bean, balsam, incense
Base: florals, dark woods, seaweed, rum, musk, leather
Cup of Joe Top: Coffee
Middle: Sugar
Base: Cream, Coffee
Evergreen Top: apple, eucalyptus, mint, juniper
Middle: pine, spruce, moss, evergreen, gin, red currant
Base: cedar, fir, cypress, amber, balsam, oak
Gig Line Top: citrus, ozone, cotton blossom, coconut, eucalyptus
Middle: teakwood, coffee beans, musk, florals
Base: woods, seaweed, amber, powder
High & Tight Top: citrus, basil, wood
Middle: tonka bean, spices, cedar
Base: patchouli, vanilla bourbon, bay rum
Honor Top: powder, spices, sea salt, ozone
Middle: tonka bean, balsam, incense, florals
Base: rum, musk, oud, leather, amber
Kings Bay Top: fruits, green tea leaves, spices
Middle: fruit, florals, black tea leaves, dark earth, ginseng
Base: vanilla, sugar, musk, cedar, vetiver, amber
Liberty Call Top: ozone, citrus, berries, butter, sea salt
Middle: melon, violet, sugar, popcorn, coconut
Base: oakmoss, ozone, vanilla, caramel
Lowcountry Top: cherry blossom, citrus, grass, wine, warm spice
Middle: florals, sage, cucumber, incense, patchouli
Base: tobacco leaf, powder, oakmoss, violet, spice
Milk & Cookies Top: orange zests, milk chocolate chips
Middle: brown sugar, allspice
Base: vanilla extract, cookie dough
Nations Capital Top: florals, ozone, citrus, green leaves, pear
Middle: florals, cherry, teakwood, coffee beans
Base: tonka bean, musk, woods, vetiver, vanilla, carnation
Oasis Top: ozone, citrus, saffron, bergamot
Middle: honeydew melon, violet, incense, sandalwood
Base: oakmoss, frankincense, myrrh, oud, smoke
Pacific Northwest Top: green leaves, citrus peel, mint, powder
Middle: evergreen, florals, cedar, moss, amber
Base: ozone, woods, evergreen, musk, patchouli
POG Top: citrus, strawberry, guava
Middle: citrus, green leaves, passionfruit, mango
Base: cedar, vanilla, peach, sugar
Reveille Top: citrus, ozone, honeydew melon
Middle: ginger, mimosa, green leaves, florals
Base: vanilla, wood, juniper, clove, sugar, lime, peach
Ship's Laundry Top: Lemon
Middle: Ozone, Linen, Green Floral
Base: Light Musk
South Coast Top: dew, ozone, petitgrain, bergamot, linen
Middle: florals, fern, wood, herbs, orange blossom, sea salt
Base: musk, amber, vanilla, sandalwood, moss, powder
Spa Day Top: Mint, lemongrass, citrus
Middle: sage, florals, sugar, black currant
Base: bergamot, patchouli, powder, camphor, eucalyptus, cedar
Study Hours Top: green leaves, saffron, teakwood
Middle: florals, incense, cedar, leather
Base: sandalwood, leather, amber, patchouli, amyris, musk
Windward Top: green leaves, guava, ozone, ylang ylang
Middle: tropical florals, bamboo, palm, geranium
Base: powder, plumeria, sandalwood